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News Page  

This web page will be used to report on any activities or information on Llangrannog. Please e-mail

 Bryan Davies with any news or information and it will be published. 

In Case You Forgot

Cardigan Walks is back again for 2024 with our audio walking tours, helping people explore and discover the heritage found in communities through Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

We have 17 audio walking tours. Our self-guided tours incorporate 6-7 landmarks in a community with around 45 minutes of audio, sharing stories about the buildings/ features, people, and history shaping that community.

Users rent the tour from cardiganwalks.com for 24 hours and listen as they go - nothing to download.

Available tours include:

Aberaeron                         Borth                         Cardigan

Fishguard                          Lampeter                   Llangrannog

Milford Haven                    Narberth                    New Quay

Newcastle Emlyn               Newport                    Saundersfoot

St Davids                           St Dogmaels             Tenby



Adroddiad Capel Crannog Report



    Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee   

   Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol 2024

Annual General Meeting 2024 

 Thursday 18 April at 7pm, the Beach Hut     Nos Iau, 18 Ebrill am 7yp, Y Caban

Darlith/Presentation Prosiect Perthyn – Canolfan Crannog

  Preliminary feasibility report

• What is happening wit the Capel Crannog site?    Beth sy’n digwydd gyda safle Capel Crannog
• Who owns it? •  Pwy sy'n berchen arno?
• What are the issuessurrounding redevelopment?
• Beth yw'r materion sy'n ymwneud ag ailddatblygu?
• What are the options? • Beth yw’r dewisiadau?
• What would it cost? • Beth fyddai'n ei gostio?
• Is it possible to make the  site work for the community?
• A oes modd gwneud i'r safle weithio i'r gymuned?

Bydd y darlith yn cael e ddilyn gyda’r Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol 2024
The presentation will be followed by the Welfare Committee AGM
Mae gan holl drigolion yr hawl i fynychu'r cyfarfod ac fe'ch gwahoddir i wneud. Mae'n bosibl
penodi dirprwy, gofynnwch am fanylion. All village residents are entitled and invited to attend
and/or join the Committee.

 A proxy may be appointed; for details please ask.
Os ych chi’n moyn ymuno’r Pwyllgor, ofynwch yr Ysgrifenyddes am fanylion.

 If you wish to join the Committee, please contact the Secretary for details: llangrannogwelfare@gmail.com



Tafarn y Llong | Ship Inn

Llangrannog : Community Ownership?

Attached is a survey that has been prepared to establish if there is Community interest in preserving Tafarn y Llong | Ship Inn Llangrannog

 as a local asset, with the view to the potential creation of a new Community owned pub and social enterprise



Llangrannog audio walking tour


6 points of interest
40+ mins of audio + map

There is a  petition "REPLACE AND IMPROVE THE BEACH BINS in New Quay, Ceredigion"  and wanted to ask if you could add

your name too.

If Ceredigion CC are allowed to get away with this, Llangrannog may be next for a reduced bin collection and we really don’t want that fight again!!! 


Thank you!

To: Ceredigion County Council


New Quay, Ceredigion



Hopes that new machine will end parking

misery at LLangrannog

Tivy -Side Advertiser



HOPES have been raised that a new parking machine will end the reputation of a car park making a west Wales seaside village ‘no-go’ zone.

In the last few years, a privately-owned car park at the Ceredigion village of Llangrannog’s beachfront made national headlines, with fears £100 fines were making the village a ‘no-go’ zone.

A malfunctioning pay and display machine has meant users had to phone a number to arrange payment or download and use an app to register payment – options often thwarted by poor internet.

Some motorists who managed to pay for a ticket after struggling to get a signal have subsequently been fined for over-running a 10-minute period of grace at the car park, run and managed by Worthing-based One Parking Solution Ltd.

At the height of the car park chaos, Dr Kathryn Dawes, secretary of the Llangrannog Welfare Committee, said: “The community feel helpless and horrified at the bad press and bad feeling this is generating.

“It’s so upsetting when people declare they will never come to Llangrannog again, all because of a small square of car park in the middle of the village.”

The plight of motorists caught out by slow connections was previously taken up by Sara Powell, a retired barrister from nearby New Quay, who had called on anyone receiving such a fine to fight it.

Earlier this week, Dr Dawes said it was hoped new machinery – using a simpler old tech method of parking payments – would now solve previous problems.

“The Llangrannog beachfront car park has a new parking machine which takes coins and cards. You can also use JustPark to pay (but wifi is very slow).

“The rule that you must pay within 10 minutes of entering the car park remains in place. There are new signs which clearly state the conditions of parking.”

She warned: “It should be noted that vandalism of the new machine or any car park property will be on CCTV.

"Please do not tamper with the machine; this means others cannot pay and is counter-productive.

“We hope that the new machine will alleviate the problems with the car park over the last few years.”

One Parking Solution Ltd has been contacted for a response.



Recently-published report by Phil Cope on Ffynnon Fair well near the churchyard. The Welfare Committee hopes to revive it further in 
the future.

More info on the Welfare site http://llangrannogwelfare.org/adroddiad-ffynon-fair-report and report attached. 


Adroddiad Ffynnon Fair Report











The Year of the Ghost Paperback – 17 Aug. 2021

The Year of the Ghost - Press Release

The annual holiday in Wales is 12-year-old Hal's favourite fortnight. But this year something is wrong at his grandad, Grand's cottage.

 A strange girl stalks Hal and a chilling presence disturbs his nights. His friend thinks it's paranormal activity, but who is haunting Hal?

Is it someone from Grand's time as a wartime evacuee, or from Mum's childhood visits? Among the usual laughs, grumbles, walks and Welsh

 cakes, Hal's Mum, Carrie, struggles to cope with her husband's secret torment. As the haunting escalates, the past will no longer be silenced.

Can Hal survive what is unleashed now?


The information below regarding the Ship Car Park has been copied from the Llangrannog Welfare Committe website and gives

details of how to proceed if you have any issues with the Car Park operators.

Please note that we will not respond to any complaints sent to

the Website as some of the messages sent are threatening and

aggressive. Thanks.

Ship Car Park.


This page will collate information to help those people who have received unfair fines from One Parking Solution, who administer the

 beach front car park in Llangrannog.

If you cannot pay within 10 minutes of entering the car park, you should leave and not park there, or you will be fined.

 They do not listen to reasonable excuses. If the machine is broken, they still expect you to pay.

Note that this car park is no longer run by the Ship Inn. The owner of the car park, Mr Anthony Ramsay Williams, does not live in the area

and has appointed One Parking Solution to run the car park. The Welfare Committee and local people tried very hard to get rid of this

 company, but we were unsuccessful, and the owner is not sympathetic. 

Please read all the information here and if you still have questions, contact llangrannogwelfare@gmail.com

If you have any information which may help others appeal unfair fines, please let us know.

This page will be updated as we know more. UPDATED 8 May 2021.

Here are some articles about OPS from the Sunday Times:





Village parking options

There is a large free car park field five minutes up the road. In high season and guidelines permitting, the village-run Park & Ride scheme will be running again. Please do not park blocking access to the toilets, on double yellows, where the cones indicate the Cardi Bach bus has to turn round, in the boatyard, or on the hatched areas at the beachfront.

General Advice

You can appeal to via the One Parking Solution website https://oneparkingsolution.co.uk/

If you are unhappy with the verdict, you can appeal via POPLA, an independent appeals service for Parking Charge Notices issued on private land. https://www.popla.co.uk/

It is very important that you reply and defend the claim, otherwise you will automatically get a default CCJ after 14 days and the court will order you to pay the full amount within 30 days. If you don’t pay in full, the CCJ will be registered on your credit file, and you might also get bailiffs from the court. 

The first thing you need to do, within 14 days of the claim date, is to do an Acknowledgement of Service (AOS). 

Log on to www.moneyclaim.gov.uk using the password on the claim form and acknowledge receipt of the claim, denying all the debt. Do not submit a defence yet. This will give you a total of 33 calendar days to submit your defence online. 

Here is a guide to doing the AOS. You could get a CCJ if you don’t do anything. You only have 14 calendar days to do the AOS, from the issue date on the claim form.

See this post on MoneySaving Expert which explains the claim form procedure.


This post explains the whole process, from getting a PCN to going to court-


Advice provided by Amanda Wishart – our thanks for your help







Please be aware we can only accept appointments for whole blood donations online -

If you are booking an appointment to donate your plasma, please click here to register your interest

If you can't find a session near you, please check back soon. Our collections programme is currently being reviewed due to the

 ongoing pandemic. New sessions are currently being confirmed.

If you need assistance locating a clinic, please call 0800 252266.


Newcastle Emlyn





Community Orchard – Perllan Cymunedol

At the beginning of last year we were trying to think of something to uplift folks and enhance the environment, a permanent addition to our village that can benefit everyone and the wildlife.

One of our villagers had the great idea of a Community Orchard so all could enjoy the Spring blossom and share the fruit in the Autumn and those with green fingers can help plant and maintain the trees.

We would like to plant about 20 trees, Welsh Heritage fruit trees where possible and these will be mixed with Cherry trees and hopefully some young grafted trees from local stock.

If you would like to support us in establishing our orchard any contributions would be fantastic (on average 1 tree, stake and guard = £25.00) but any amount we would be very grateful for.

Diolch yn fawr – Many thanks, and happy scrumping to all! Any planting will take place when appropriate and safe to do so.

UPDATE: Thank you all so far in supporting this project. We’ve decided to change our target as many more people would like to contribute.

Our plan was to eventually site some benches and have name/information plates for all the trees. We will now use the rest of the monies for those purposes.

Diolch yn fawr iawn. 

Llangrannog Welfare Committee

Contact:   Dr Kat Dawes,


Llangrannog Welfare Committee,

Ty Capel Crannog,




Email:   kldawes@gmail.com



                                Securing our Rights-of-Way


We all take for granted (not unreasonably) our right to use the paths around Llangrannog.

 However, if the rights-of-way are not registered this can cause problems both for those

who use the paths and for landowners.  To secure rights-of-way it is necessary to apply to

 the Council for “The modification of the Definitive Map and Statements of Public Rights of Way”

 for each footpath or highway.  


We have already done the necessary preparation for this.  Now we ask that you complete a

simple form (Form D “Supporting Statement”) for each path with as much evidence as you have,

 assuming that you do have experience of the routes described.  You should add to the final

 section entitled “Any other Information” any specific experience or evidence.  In particular

you may have a different view of the route or path shown on the maps – you are free to amend

any aspect of the forms.  If you have some evidence that you believe to be significant then

 please make contact with us.


We have two routes which we want to process first.  The footpath from Lochtyn drive to Cilborth

 steps and the route through the Ship car park.  Please take you time with the latter and

provide your perspective, particularly whether you see it as a footpath / bridleway / restricted

byway or whether you see it as a byway that has always been open to all traffic to the beach.


If you wish to secure these rights-of-way you will make a significant difference by completing

 these Forms and sending them to the address provided below, for onward transmission to the Council.


Thank you,  


Llangrannog Welfare Committe


Address to send the completed forms:  

Dr Kat Dawes, Secretary, Llangrannog Welfare Committee, Ty Capel Crannog,

Email address for contact:  kldawes@gmail.com




2. Form D claim public right of way FROM LOCHTYN DRIVE TO CILBORTH STEPS

3. Form D claim public right of way SHIP CAR PARK




The Welsh Blood Service needs your help


Please use this hour to do something amazing and book your next blood donation appointment.

Book your appointment here: 🔗 https://wbs.wales/LlangInfo

 New donors are especially needed at this time

To check eligibility and register, please visit: https://www.welsh-blood.org.uk/


Peidiwch ag anghofio bod y clociau’n mynd yn ôl y penwythnos hwn.

Defnyddiwch yr awr hon i wneud rhywbeth anhygoel, a threfnwch eich apwyntiad rhoi gwaed nesaf

Archebwch eich apwyntiad yma:  https://wbs.wales/LlangInfo

Mae angen roddwyr newydd, enwedig ar hyn o bryd

I wirio cymhwysedd a chofrestru ewch:  I https://www.welsh-blood.org.uk/cy/


Lock down travel restrictions do not apply for travel to donate blood.

 Donors are allowed to travel outside their areas to attend a pre booked appointment.


Llangrannog Emergency Contacts and Services

Emergencies: 999 or 112 – police, fire, ambulance, coastguard.


NHS Wales advice line: 111

Local doctors: New Quay Surgery 01545 560203. Meddygfa Emlyn 01239 710479.

Nearest A&E: Bronglais, Aberystwyth/Glangwili, Carmarthen (both around 45 minutes’


Minor Injuries Unit: Cardigan Integrated Care Centre. Tel: 01239 801560 ext. 311521


Central Pharmacy, New Quay, SA45 9NX: 01545 560294. Boots Cardigan 01239 621578


The village defibrillator is in an unlocked green box next to the public toilets.


The BT phone box is in the same location; there is also a public phone in the

Pentre Arms.


Report an incident to the local police force:



Ceredigion County Council http://www.ceredigion.gov.uk/ call 01545 570881

 or e-mail clic@ceredigion.gov.uk

Highways and Environmental Services (emergency only): 01239 851604


See the Llangrannog Hwb Facebook page for local updates.


Llangrannog Welfare Committee http://llangrannogwelfare.org exists to help

residents, visitors and business owners with any issues they have. You can contact

us on llangrannogwelfare@gmail.com or chat to any member; there is a list in the

main noticeboard next to the public toilets.


Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog


Yr ydym wedi cael ychydig fisoedd tawel yn

Llangrannog, ond nid yw'r gymuned wedi bod

yn segur. Mae cefnogaeth wedi ei ddarparu i

bobl bregus gan aelodau o'r gymuned - siopa,

casglu presgripsiynau, sgyrsiau pellgymdeithasol

i ofalu am bobl, gwneud bagiau golchi ar gyfer y GIG ac ati. Mae'r

Pwyllgor Lles wedi parhau i gwrdd ar-lein. Mae staff siop Londis lleol wedi

darparu gwasanaethau hanfodol.

Anfonodd yr Aelod Seneddol Ben Lake lythyr at y gymuned yn diolch i ni am y

gwaith rydyn ni wedi'i wneud. Yn bwysicaf oll, nid ydym wedi cael unrhyw

achosion yma hyd yn hyn!

Coronafirws yng Ngheredigion

Mae Ceredigion yn dal i fod ar lefel uchel o fregusrwydd oherwydd ein

niferoedd isel o'r firws. Mae tua 72,000 o bobl yn byw yng Ngheredigion, ac

mae gennym ganran uchel o bobl oedrannus. Felly mae'n hanfodol ein bod yn

parhau i weithio gyda'n gilydd i guro'r firws.

Pellter cymdeithasol

Mae pellter cymdeithasol yn parhau yn ei le – cadwch 2

fedr rhyngoch chi ac unrhyw un nad yw yn eich cartref.

Gwastraff a Sbwriel

Mae gennym lai o finiau gwastraff nag arfer, a

chasgliadau cyfyngedig. Os gwelwch yn dda ewch â

chymaint o sbwriel gyda chi ag y gallwch, yn enwedig

os yw'r biniau eisoes yn llawn.

Dilynwch rhaglen ailgylchu Ceredigion gymaint ag sy’n bosib, yr ydym gyda’r

gorau yn y D.U. am hyn.

Busnesau lleol

Y Caban – archebu ar lein a chasglu o 11eg o Orffennaf.

Caffi Patio – clud-fwyd o 11eg o Orffennaf.

Pentre Arms – agor o 11 y bore am fwyd a diod tu allan.

Y Llong – agor o 11eg o Orffennaf am ddiodydd.

Siop Hoffnant (Londis) – Archebu dros y ffon/arlein. Gweler tudalen Facebook.

Oriel Sea and Slate – amseroedd agor cyfyngedig o 19eg o Orffennaf.

Tafell a Tan Pizza – Agor yn fuan am clyd-fwyd.

Caiacs Carreg Bica – Gweler tudalen Facebbok am fanylion.

Gweler tudalennau a gwefannau unigol y busnesau lleol am diweddariad a

manylion. Sylwer, NI FYDD cyfleusterau tai bach ar gael.


Mae’r meysydd parcio ar agor (talu ac arddangos o flaen y traeth, dim parcio a

theithio o’r maes parcio am ddim)

Mae'r toiledau ar agor - parchwch y cyfleuster hwn, gan na fydd yr un o'r

busnesau yn gallu gadael i chi ddefnyddio eu cyfleusterau.

Prin yw'r achubiaeth achub bywyd.

Raciau iard gychod / caiac – gwelwch tudalen facebook Gymdeithas Cychod a

Pysgota Llangrannog.

Cysylltiadau a Chefnogaeth

Gweler tudalen Facebook Llangrannog Hwb i gael y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf

am y Pwyllgor Lles a chyngor a chefnogaeth llywodraeth leol.


Gallwch gysylltu â'n heddlu lleol ar https://www.dyfedpowys.


Byddwn yn parhau i adrodd ar dorri'r canllawiau i'r heddlu lleol.

Mae croeso i chi sgwrsio ag unrhyw aelod o'r Pwyllgor am hyn a materion

eraill. Gallwch anfon e-bost atom ar llangrannogwelfare@gmai.com.

Parchwch y gymuned leol a mwynhewch ein pentref hardd.

Llangrannog Welfare Committee



We have had a quiet few months in

Llangrannog, but the community has not

been idle. Support has been provided for

vulnerable people by community members – shopping, collecting

prescriptions, socially-distanced chats to check on people, making washbags

for the NHS etc. The Welfare Committee has continued to meet online. The

local Londis shop staff have provided vital services.

MP Ben Lake sent a letter to the community thanking us for the work we have

done. Most importantly, we have had no cases here so far!

Coronavirus in Ceredigion

Ceredigion is still at a high level of vulnerability due to our low numbers of the

virus. There are around 72,000 people living in Ceredigion, and we have a high

percentage of elderly people. It is therefore vital that we continue to work

together to beat the virus.

Social distancing remains in place – please keep 2

metres between you and anyone not in your



We have fewer wastebins than usual, and limited


Please take as much litter away with you as you can,

especially if the bins are already full.

Follow the Ceredigion recycling program as far as possible – we are one of the

best counties in the UK for this.

Local Businesses

The Beach Hut – online ordering and pickup from 11 July.

The Patio Cafe – takeaways from 11 July.

The Pentre Arms – open from 11 July for food and drink outside.

The Ship Inn – open from 11 July for takeaway drinks.

Siop Hoffnant (Londis) – Online and telephone orders. See website/Facebook


Sea & Slate Gallery – limited opening from 19 July.

Tafell a Tân Pizza – opening soon for takeaway.

Caiacs Carreg Bica Kayaks – please see the Facebook page.

Please see individual businesses’ websites and Facebook pages for updates and

details. Note they will NOT have toilet facilities.


The car parks are open (pay and display on the beachfront car park; no park

and ride from the free car park).

The toilets are open – please respect this amenity, as none of the businesses

will be able to let you use their facilities.

There is limited lifeguard cover.

Boatyard/kayak racks – please see the Llangrannog Boating & Angling Assoc.

Facebook page.

Contacts and Support

See the Llangrannog Hwb Facebook page for updates on Welfare Committee

and local government advice and support. Ceredigion.gov.uk/coronavirus.

You can contact our local police force on https://www.dyfedpowys.


We will continue to report breaches of the guidelines to the local police.

Please feel free to chat to any member of the Committee about this and other

matters. You can email us on llangrannogwelfare@gmai.com.

Please respect the local community and enjoy our beautiful village



People in Wales can now do more after a

further easing of lockdown measures.


From Monday 6 July people can form "extended households" with one other household and

can have physical contact and stay the night.

The restrictions on travel have also been lifted, ending the five-mile guidance.

Some pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants will also be able to reopen outdoors from

13 July, under new Welsh Government plans.

Venues will be able to open in spaces they own and have licences for - as long as coronavirus

cases continue to fall.

But indoor services remain closed for now and some pubs, including chain Wetherspoon,

said it would not reopen its beer gardens ahead of pubs being able to open fully.

The date for reopening self-contained accommodation has been brought forward to 11 July to allow owners to

 let Saturday to Saturday.

With the "stay local" travel restrictions lifted in Wales on 6 July, outdoor attractions have

also reopened for the first time since March.

Non-essential shops reopened last month, however Wales remains the only part of the

UK without a restart date for indoor hospitality.

You can book a holiday in self-contained accommodation in Wales for dates from 11 July, two

 days ahead of what was previously announced.

Self-contained refers to accommodation without any shared facilities, so includes caravans

 and motorhomes if they have their own toilets.

No announcement has been made for holiday accommodation with shared facilities such

 as campsites.

However, hotels, B&Bs and hostels that can provide en-suite rooms and provide room service

meals can open from 11 July.

The same goes for boats and some glamping accommodation with their own kitchens and

bathrooms that no other guests use.


A beautiful but sad picture of Llangrannog Beach

at Easter 2020, probably the quietest it has ever



It will still be there for thousands to enjoy when

we eventually get the Green Light


Ship Car Park Update January 3d 2020

You may be aware that the system that has been in place has been been found 'Not fit for purpose' by the

 British Parking Association, and all enforcements (fines) ceased on the 20th October, hence we have had a

free carpark from the middle on November up till March the 1st 2020.

Over 2000 PCNs were issued over the course of the last summer...a huge amount for a tiny 38 space carpark


A planning application has been submitted to Ceredigion County Council for a new ticket machine, Steel canopy

and camera (we are also investigating why no planning has been requested for signage and bollards etc).

We are informed that the system that has been in place all last year will again be reinstated and operated by the

 same company!


As a Welfare Committee we are formulating an objection to this application and will continue to try and improve

this situation, so that both residents and visitors alike are welcomed back into our community. Our aim is to

have a simple 'Pay and Display' (with a fair and seasonal tariff) without any cameras or ANPR.

(This type of system in currently under scrutiny because of unscrupulous manipulation of the process,

that leads to fines being issued.)

We hope that you have managed to resolve any of your parking issues over the last few months.
We are sending the attached PDF document out to keep you updated on the developments surrounding

the village carpark.

The planning application from the owner, Mr Anthony Ramsay Williams, can be viewed from the link in

the attached document along with detailed drawings and any objections that have already been posted.


If you feel you would like to respond/object to the application, we would welcome your support, that will

 hopefully lead to getting a fairer/simpler system in place.





Ship Inn Car Park Update December 12th 2019


As most people are aware, the well publicised problems with the village car park have been an ongoing issue.

For those who didn’t know, a committee was set up to address the situation to the relevant people and


worked tirelessly to bring this issue to the front of local councillors and MP’s agenda.


As of yesterday, the car park will be free until the 1st of March. There is ongoing work by the committee to


secure a solution to the issues after that date, however, until there is a longer term success, We hope as a


community that loyal customers local and from away can show ALL the businesses their support over the next


few months as the negative press from this situation has kept people away and had a huge impact on the


 businesses and staff.


Look forward to seeing you all over Christmas, and thanks to everyone who has worked to find a solution.


Ship Inn Car Park

We have received several e-mails from visitors to Llangrannog who have been hit with Parking Fines

even though the machines are not working. The car park is monitored by CCTV and they use an ANPR

system and will fine those who have not paid. There is a facility to pay via an app on your smartphone, but if you

are unlucky enough to us Vodafone or Tesco mobile, you will not get a signal in the village.

Several people have told us that they will not return to Llangrannog, which is a shame, but we cannot comment on the

Carpark Operators methods. Please note that the Ship Inn has nothing to do with the Car

Park Operation and merely lease the pub from the owner.

We have contacted Llangrannog Welfare Committee who have tried to get a meeting with the owner to discuss the issues,

but it is reported that he will not meet them.

There is a Free Carpark at the top of the village and during the school holidays there is a Park and Ride system operating.

If you use the Ship Inn Car park and the machine is not operating, take a photo to record the evidence, with date and time

as you will receive a Fixed Penalty ticket through the post or at least the registered keeper of the vehicle will get one.

If you have been unlucky in getting a Ticket please send the information to llangrannogwelfare@gmail.com


 Possibly one of the oldest Llangrannog Photographs in




 Click on Picture to see full size.



With thanks to Barrie (Ship) for sending us the photograph, which is older than the one shown in

Mervyn Davies's book on Llangrannog. It certainly predates 1884 and possibly back to 1850.

Interestingly Min y Don, Angorfa and Manyrafon are not in the pictures, but are either stables

or storage buildings.. We know that the Pentre Estate was auctioned in 1884 and Min y Don,

Angorfa and Manyrafon were listed as Building Plots.







Pete and Jan Dobson, Siop Glynafon, are retiring after 30 years of running the shop.

They have made a huge contribution to the communities of Llangrannog and Pontgarreg,

 and have been dear friends to many – residents and visitors alike. In celebration of their

 amazing achievement, the Llangrannog Welfare Committee has organised a village collection

 to buy a specially-commissioned piece of artwork featuring the village and shop.

This was revealed to Pete and Jan at last night’s party in the Pentre Arms.

The collection is open until after Easter, and you can give money in the Pentre or

via PayPal (info@llangrannogwelfare.org) or to any member of the Welfare Committee.

There is also a book (shown in picture) in the Pentre, and anyone is welcome to add a

message to this for Pete and Jan.

We are sure they won’t be strangers to the village, but we will all miss their presence

in the shop. Thank you Jan and Pete!.




Facebook Page Links below

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Llangrannog Life       Gwyl Nol a Mla'n      

Pentre Arms Llangrannog     Ship Inn Llangrannog

The Beach Hut Llangrannog

Llangrannog Boating and Angling Association




A Reunion of Llangrannog "Oldsters" was organised by Mickey Beechey and  held in the

Pentre Arms on 20th Nov and it brought together people who had not met for up to 50 years.

It was great to see Ken and Barry (Ship), Peter (Post), Ceri (Bywel / Tyclyd) and Sian, Arthur

(Maesymorfa) and Iona, Ann and Mickey Beechey (Laramie/Frondeiniol). Clwyd (Arfryn) and Wendy.

Alban and Bryan (Caffi), Clive (Brynymor) and Ann, Hywel (Bancyfelin) and Berwyn (Cwmtydu).


It was a great Afternoon/Evening get together and our thanks go to Mickey for organising this

and it is hoped to organise another get together in 2017, also to Mike in

The Pentre for making us welcome.


We also raised a glass (or 2), to those friends who have left us, Gwyndaf (Blaencelyn),

Tudor (Cilfor), Eifion and Iwan (Brynarfor), Tony (Troedrhiwgam), John Beechey (Frondeiniol),

John (Cilrhiwe), David (Bwthyn), Walford (Shop Price), and Hugh (Greenparc).

If I have omitted any names, my apologies.

Hopefully we will have some photographs of the occasion





A beautiful late summer day in Llangrannog

With thanks to f4photowales for sending us the Aerial Views.

Brilliant September Weather in Llangrannog

Thanks to Jason Cervi for sending us this Photograph


A Typical Day in Llangrannog in Time-lapse. 2015

Acknowledgement - With thanks to Christopher Davies

Llangrannog Day Timelapse 5th Aug

Llangrannog Day Timelapse 7th Aug


Llangrannog / Carantec

Carannog, who founded the village of Llangrannog, also went to Brittany and other places.

 The connection between Llangrannog and Carantec in Brittany was recently

 celebrated when the local Council there named a very pretty square 'Square
Llangrannog'.   Martin Greig (representing Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog) and the Rev.

 Trevor Copeland (representing Llangrannog Church) went to Brittany for the opening ceremony,

 which was attended by the Mayor of Carantec and many local people.   The ceremony
was timed for the day before the celebration of St. Carannog, which in Carantec is in

July while in Llangrannog it is in May.

Picture 1 shows the Square with the Breton and Welsh flags intertwined; on the right is Anne Dumas,

 an authority on Saint Carannog and author of books about him.

Picture 2  shows Martin Greig (left) and the Rev. Trevor Copeland (right) standing by the

 signpost in the newly-named Square.



For more pictures go to  the Community Page

Village Rubbish Collection Calendar 2016/17

Please note that the Saturday Facility for leaving rubbish in the enclosure next to the Public

Toilets has been discontinued. Please ensure that all your visitors are aware of this

and Rubbish disposal from houses is now only on Wednesdays.


Ceredigion's Cardi Bach bus returns with fresh funding

Rangrannoc Brittany



" There are two areas, but not churches, which are named "Ranngrannog" near Carantec, and "Grannog" in Ile de Batz,

near Carantec .

Archaeologists think that it is a name which is before 9° century and it could  prove a direct link with Llangrannog.

 And in the very old basilica "Notre Dame du Folgoët" not far from Carantec, there is a stained glass window on which

is saint Carantec, and that means his cult is very ancient."

(With thanks to Anne Dumas from Carantec Brittany for sending us the pictures)

Anne Dumas in Carantec has been campaigning to have a road (or, it seems, a Square!)

named after Crannog's home village. She has succeeded!  See below.

"Dear friends
I am happy to tell you that there will be a new "Square Llangrannog"
in the ancient heart of  Carantec, near a well !
Victory !!!"

Mobile Phone Reception Update

March 2015

A check of mobile signals recently showed that 3 Mobile was showing no Network, whilst 3 Data had a

very poor signal.

EE (Orange, T Mobile and Virgin), had a poor signal indoors and in certain areas of the village had

 NO Reception.

We have sent an e-mail to both 3 and EE to complain about this and await their response.

15 April

EE have informed us that the problem has been resolved?

3 have not yet replied.

If you are experiencing any problems with EE, contact them by E-Mail to : customer.complaints@ee.co.uk.

Or by phone to Customer Complaints: 08453 122800 EXT: 2835

New village bottle bank

After a request from the Committee for a bottle bank in the top carpark, the Council have kindly provided one on a trial basis. As long as there isn’t a problem with general rubbish being put into the bin, it’ll stay. Note that there is also still a bottle bank in the Urdd Camp carpark. The Council have also responded to another request and put 10 reflective posts in place around the Rhiw Gam bends (the hairpins into the village by Ysgoldy), which will help drivers who are unfamiliar with this difficult bit of road, especially in bad weather.








Fireworks Display 2014


Covers UK for Mobile and Data Reception



Over the last twenty years, Roy Tarbutt (pictured below, with his partner Jan Larcombe) has worked

tirelessly on behalf of the village of Llangrannog.

He has undertaken just about every job on the village Welfare Committee, but more important was the

enormous amount of voluntary work he undertook around the village,

in many cases helped by Jan, and always supported by her.  It would be difficult to describe what he did, and easier to say

what he didn't do, but all the time he felt he was merely being a public servant and doing nothing special.  On his retirement

 from the Welfare Committee in April this year, he didn't receive the usual farewell gift of

 a meal out in a local hostelry, but it was felt appropriate to invite members of the local community,

 villagers and holiday-cottage owners alike, to make a contribution to  a farewell gift; a presentation was made to Roy and Jan

immediately before the June meeting of the Welfare Committee, when many local people were also present.
Along with flowers, cards and a cheque, Roy was given a copy of the Nant Gwrtheyrn brochure, with the Welsh language

 courses for 2013, as Roy, a Welsh learner, has expressed a desire to do a course at the National Welsh Language Centre

in order to take his knowledge of the Welsh Language further.

Garden Waste

Please note that arrangements for garden waste collection have changed.  Bags can still be purchased at Council Cash

 Offices (at £1 each, to cover the collection charge now) or from Tourist Information Centres.  However, should you use

 these you then have to phone the Council to arrange collection (01545 572572).  An alternative way of dealing with garden

 waste is to fill large bags to transport material to the tip at Pen Parc, and re-use the bags.

Do you like local news?

If you have an interest in news that's local to Llangrannog, and have email, would you be interested in information-gathering

with a view to sending news in to the Tivy-Side?   There are time issues for the person currently doing this task, and it would

be a great help if someone could take over the job.  Please contact Anne by email: anne@bodawen.org.uk  or ring 01239 654257.


 Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog / Llangrannog Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee have a new website online at


Please note that the Llangrannog Welfare Committee Website is not operational.



Becoming a Welsh speaker could change your life - opening up a wider range of job opportunities,

 supporting your child with their education, exploring Welsh culture, participating in Welsh cultural

events, and even making new friends and acquaintances.


New webcam fitted Nov 2016


  Llangrannog Video  

(Published on Youtube. First part is in Welsh, followed by English)

Llangrannog Floods 1993

(Published on Youtube by John Page. It shows the devastation caused by the small River Hawen

and the small stream Nant Eisteddfa in June 1993)

St Carannog Statue Unveiling Sat May 12 2012

Big Welsh Coastal Walk


Pilgrimage 2012 is a 22 day walk across South Wales from Llanthony Priory in the Brecon Beacons to St Davids in Pembrokeshire.

The route takes in many cultural and historical sites, and involves schools, local communities, medieval events such as feasts,

 entertainment and row boats, and plenty of walking to join in with along the way.

Pilgrimage 2012 map - http://goo.gl/maps/hOxs


Llangrannog Welfare Committee

Newsletter 1 (2011 - 2012)

Newsletter 2 (2011 - 2012)

Zumba classes

These are now taking place regularly in Pontgarreg Hall.   Contact Cassie Brown on 07805 483674 for

further information.

Cyd Group

This has now moved to the Pentre Arms, and continues on the first and third Wednesdays of each month

at 7.30 p.m.

  For further details please contact Philippa Gibson 01239 654561.

Computer tuition in Pontgarreg Village Hall. 

Are you interested in receiving computer tuition?   The community Council is considering providing a

 series of lessons at Pontgarreg Village Hall.    Contact the Council Clerk on 01545 580818 for further information.

A Picture Tour Around Llangrannog, Cardiganshire / Ceredigion.

Including Church, Chapels, Beach, Pendinas, Carreg Bica, Mill, Lime Kikns,

Edward Elgar, Urdd etc.


( This was done by Ruth Roberts and is an excellent Pictorial Tour set to music)

 St Carantec Statue (Brittany)

The  Saint Carantec statue has now been completed in Granite and we received the following message

from Anne and Patrice Dumas a few days ago.

"you can notice the dove and its shave, he has a bell hanging on his side, and his coat is a goat skin. the

rock at sant Karanteg' feet symbolises the one, which name is "Men ar Karantec" "Sant Karanteg's rock",

 and which stands in the sea in front of the beach where the legend says our common saint landed coming from your country."

Anne has also written and Published a book called "Saint Carantec - Legends and Miracles", in French and

English and Kindly sent us a copy.


Interested in Art?

The Art Group has re-started on a Tuesday afternoon, in St. Carannog's Church Hall.   If you are interested

 in having space and time to paint and would like to go along please contact Benny, 01239 654463.

Gardening Club

Are you interested in gardening?   Would you like to share your ideas and learn more?   The next open

 meeting of the Gardening Club will be Tuesday 17th May in Pontgarreg Memorial Hall at 7.30 p.m. 

 For more information contact Heledd (01239 654327).  

Five Churches of Carantoc

At the Annual General Meeting of the Welfare Committee (April 2011) the invited speaker was

 Nancy Hollinrake, a Consultant Archaeologist, who, with her Archaeologist husband Charlie, excavated

the site of Carantoc's Church in Carhampton.

We have also had an e-mail from Anne Dumas in Carantec, regarding further links with Llangrannog

 "I wish to tell you that there are two spots, but not churches, which are named "Ranngrannog" near

Carantec, and "Grannog" in Ile de Batz, near Carantec too. Archaeologists think that it is a name which

 is before 9° century and it could  prove a direct link with Llangrannog. And in the very old basilica

 "Notre Dame du Folgoët" not far from Carantec, there is a stain window on which is saint Carantec, 

and that means his cult is very ancient."


Click on any picture to see full size.

". I enclose three pictures which may interest you : two of them  with the welsh name of our common saint.

 The third one is the stained glass in the Folgoët. May I tell you that in Trégarantec, the church is not

dedicated to saint Carantec. It is only the village. In Breton language, Tré, means dependent on, Garantec,

means Carantec. Numerous breton villages or towns have a name beginning by Tré, meaning that they are

 dependent on an other village or town. Trégarantec means that, in the ancient time, this village had to give

 an annual tax to Carantec village. It was only a question of administration and money... ! "


Cheaper oil

If you have email, and would like to buy cheaper oil, there is the opportunity to do so in the village. 

 A group has been set up to allow for individuals to order oil at the same time, with the whole amount

of oil being counted as a bulk order.   The system works by individuals contacting the whole group by

email when they wish to order, so that others can order at the same time.   The oil is then delivered to

 all participating individuals who have ordered, who are billed and charged individually, but the price

is discounted as if it was a bulk order.   Contact teena@teenagould.com.

I will for Wales

Very soon every resident in Llangrannog will be given the opportunity to sign up to the I Will for Wales

 campaign, run across the whole of the country by Keep Wales Tidy.   Being delivered to every home is

a pledge sheet, inviting people to make their own commitment to help the environment a little more in 2011.

   By ticking one or more line on the pledge sheet, individuals can promise only to use reusable bags, to

pick up a bag of rubbish on every beach visit, to dispose of cigarette ends carefully etc.   Please think

carefully about how the environment can benefit by your actions.   Thank you.

Llangrannog Fireworks 2010

This year we had a grant from the Ceredigion Rural Events Programme (CREP),

to help sustain the firework display for future years.

Llangrannog Fireworks 2010




The photographs  were funded through the Ceredigion Rural Events Programme and taken by Zodshop

 Canolfan Crannog

Please help support this valuable village resource.

The exhibition on 30th October was a great success and may be repeated in 2011.


Mrs Roblin who designed and produced the Cranogwen Collage visited the exhibition and was delighted

to see that it's condition after 30 years is still good.

Many thanks to William Roblin, Anne Greig and Ian ap Dewi, who helped us find and display the Collage.

New local choir

An informal choir group is starting at Betws Ifan Hall on Tuesday evenings, from 7 – 9 p.m.  The aim of

 the group is to enjoy singing together and sharing that enjoyment with others.   The ability to read

music will be an advantage but is not a necessity.   Called the Allsorts, the choir starts on 5th October.

  Further information from Helen (01239 810656) or Brenda (01239 810657). 

Keeping Llangrannog Tidy

A big thank you to all the local people, too numerous to mention, who automatically pick up litter and

dog mess as part of their daily routine.   The consistent, regular clearing of small bits of litter and

(sometimes large) bits of dog mess by many different people helps keep the village looking good.

  Thank you all.   Many visitors comment on it.

Neighbourhood Watch

A small amount of funding is available on a 'first come first serve' basis for Neighbourhood and Home

 Watch groups to visit some of the 'Best Practice Case Studies' highlighted through the research of

 ERS 'Showcasing Neighbourhood and Home Watch Achievements' document.   This programme allows

 for local Neighbourhood and Home Watch groups across England and Wales to meet up and share ideas,

 discuss common problems and explore solutions to their local community problems.   For an explanation

 of the Peer Visit programme and how to get involved please talk to Martin Greig in the first instance.

   01239 654257.

Mobile Phone and Broadband Reception (September 2010)

It is now possible to get a good Mobile Phone signal in the village from the following providers.

T-Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile and 3

Orange Mobile is still variable with some signal available above Penrhip or towards Ynys Lochtyn.

 (The Orange signal should improve towards the end of 2010, as T-Mobile and Orange are now owned

 by the same company and plan to share transmitters)

Mobile Broadband using a 3 Dongle is now possible and we were able to connect our laptop, although

it sometimes takes a few minutes to hook up.

Learn to dance

A new dance class has started in Pontgarreg Village Hall.   Covering Jive, ballroom, salsa, and Charleston,

 the class commenced on February 1st and continues on Monday nights from 8 – 10 p.m.   Beginners are

 welcome.   Cost is £3 per person.   Please turn up, or for further information contact Ruth on 01239 654544.  

Join a Choir

Richard Williams is hoping to start a small mixed choir/vocal group.   Some ability to read music is essential

 as is the possession of a singing voice with little or no vibrato (wobble!).   There will be a simple audition

 for compatibility with other voices in the group.   The aim will be to achieve a good standard without

 entering competitions.  Richard is also looking for violin or viola players for string quartets.  

Please contact him on 01239 810992.

New Urdd Facilities

The new Fitness Room at the Urdd Leisure Centre in Llangrannog is now open.   Members can use it

Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  Open for occasional users on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

  For details of membership and occasional user prices, please contact:  01239 653140.


Ceredigion Country Cars Scheme

The Country Cars Scheme is looking for Volunteer Drivers to provide a local service to transport people

who would otherwise be unable to make essential journeys.   Travel costs are paid.   Please contact

 Geraint Evans (County Organiser) – WRVS Country Cars.   01545 571362/570813

Neighbourhood Watch Meeting

There was a meeting of the District Neighbourhood Watch group, chaired by Ian ap Dewi, and attended

 by PC Alun Jones and PCSO Heather Cave.   PC Jones explained the role of local co-ordinators and some

 local concerns were discussed.   The major conclusion of the meeting was the need to extend the number

of participants in the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.   If you would like to take part in this important

 local Scheme, please ‘phone 101 and ask to speak to a member of the local neighbourhood police team. 

 Alternatively, please e-mail CardiganNPT@Dyfed-Powys-pnn-police-uk.   Any non-urgent

 concerns can also be reported on 101 (remember to ask to speak to a member of the local police team).

Rural Development Plan

Prior to a recent meeting of the Welfare Committee, guests from local businesses were invited to attend

to hear the speaker, Mr. Austin, discuss the new AXIS 4 project within the County’s Rural Development Plan

(RDP). The project is financed by the Welsh Assembly Government, and should run until March 2011.  

 The Project aims to help communities to work together by forming “clusters” of interested parties with

 similar ideas about ways of promoting particular aspects of tourism within their local area. The project

 encourages clusters to “try things out” rather than be afraid of failure and do nothing.   Mr Austin was

 aware of some of the events that already take place annually in Llangrannog, and suggested that

information about these could be brought together in the form of an events calendar or directory,

to be distributed throughout Tourist information Centres and other outlets. Some of these events

might attract funding from AXIS 4, as might the production of visitor guides. Creation of such guides

or calendars would help show where there would gaps to be filled during the year thereby triggering

 future events.   Mr Austin went on to discuss ideas put forward from the floor and was extremely

supportive and positive in suggesting ways in which AXIS 4 could help.   

 Parking in the Village

A very positive meeting was held in The Caban with a representative of the County Council,

concerning the Council’s future action regarding parking at the sea front.   Representatives of

local businesses and sea front residents were present to make their views known about the

 enormous difficulties regarding parking, particularly in the summer.

Recycling Bags

Rolls of white recycling bags are carried on the refuse collection lorries.   If you know anyone who

 is not yet using the bags please ask them to do so.   Ceredigion has a recycling rate of over 39%

 at present, but it needs to improve.

Keep Wales Tidy Group

A great deal of work is done by many individuals and groups in keeping the local shores, beaches,

 roads and general environment clean and a Keep Wales Tidy Group is being formed.   For further

details please contact Anne Greig on 654257.

Cardigan Bay Shoreline Management Plan

The Welfare Committee has been nominated for consultation with regard to the Cardigan Bay Shoreline

 Management Plan. 

Art Achievements

All member of the Art Group submitted entries to the recent Pontgarreg Village show and everyone

gained an award.   Congratulations to them all.   For further details about the group, which takes place

 in St. Carannog’s Hall on Tuesday afternoons, please contact Don Jones on 654124.

Crannog Writing Group

This meets for the first time in the new academic year on Tuesday, 22nd September, at 10.30 in

St. Carannog’s Church Hall.   New members welcome.  

Parking in Llangrannog

A reminder that vehicles need to turn, and emergency access must be available in the village.

  Also could people please not park so that access to the disabled toilets is prevented; wheelchairs

 need to be manoeuvred through a gap to gain access.

Pontgarreg Hall

A reminder that Pontgarreg Memorial Hall is available for private bookings.   Susan Kean 654581.

New Leaflets in St. Carannog’s

There are new bi-lingual leaflets available in the Church, one describing the Church and its history

and one on our patron saint, Carannog.   With the Welsh/English leaflets on Cranogwen there is now

a great deal of information for visitors in St. Carannog’s.

Dyffryn Clettwr Riding Club

This is a club for enthusiastic riders, for fun and social activities connected with horses.  

Please contact Wendy Brice 654446.

Clwb Rhwyfo Crannog Rowing Club

The Club is expanding in numbers all the time and is now able to race two men’s teams, two ladies’ teams

and a mixed veterans’ team.   In addition the Club has now attracted a junior side who are training in order

 to compete in future competitions.   Anyone interested in joining the Club please contact Kevin Brown, 01239 654394.

Lift Sharing

A reminder that there is a book in the Ship where you can offer to give a lift to local people on one

of your regular trips, or ask for a lift

Meat and Fish

A Butcher’s Van visits the village every Friday afternoon (contact Mark Webb, 851285) and the fish van

 calls every Thursday morning (Jamie Williams and Son, 01545 561491).

Bica Surf Club

The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the Ship.  Pob Thomas 07950 568538.  


Welsh Classes

There is a Welsh class in the Pontgarreg Memorial Hall on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

  For a full list of the nearest classes contact Philippa Gibson, 654561.

Sixty Club

The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month from 2 p.m. onwards in Pontgarreg Memorial Hall.

  Generally there are invited speakers on a wide range of topics.   A warm welcome to new members. 

Josephine Courtis, 654395.

W.I. Pontgarreg

The Women’s Institute meets on the first and third Thursday of every month at 7.30 p.m. in

Pontgarreg Memorial Hall, generally with an invited speaker once a month.  New members are very welcome.

  Jill Iles 654714.

Llangrannog Community Choir

All are welcome to join the choir, which arranges occasional concerts as well as the regular meetings. 

  These have now changed from Sundays to Fridays, 7 – 9 p.m., in term time.   Contact Lou Laurens 07866 371481 or John Page, 654627.


Click on Pictures


With thanks to Anne and Martin Greig for the photographs taken on 3d February

Folk Dancing Classes

An initial gathering of twelve interested villagers met in St. Caranog’s Hall last week to dance and discuss

 the possibility of the classes being held regularly.   Thanks to John and Jean Page for hosting the morning.

  John brought along his sound equipment and recordings, called and demonstrated for the dances with help

 from Jean.   Jean also provided very tasty refreshments for the interval.   The dances ranged in complexity

 and the learning challenges became apparent quite quickly; however, with much laughter and

encouragement, a most enjoyable morning was had – and all for £1 per person. 

 Future classes will be held, probably fortnightly, after a short gap, and other adults are welcome to

 come along.   Watch this space for the date of the next event.


Some black sacks have been found around the village, dumped, and this is not only illegal it is hazardous

  Paper, card, plastic and tins should be recycled in the clear bags.   Anyone wanting garden rubbish

 (green) bags can get them from the Council offices for 25p a bag, and these go straight for composting.

  Alternatively, keep your own composter.   At least 30% of your waste is made up of biodegradable

 material including kitchen waste, garden waste (such as grass cuttings, leaves) paper and cardboard –

all this can be composted rather than taking up valuable space in landfill.

Bus Services

A reminder that the ‘buses leave the village on Tuesday and Friday (to Cardigan), at approx. 9.35 a.m.,

 and Wednesday (to Aberaeron) at approx. 10.30 a.m.   Use them or lose them!

 Want company while you sew?

The Quilting/Sewing group in Llangrannog is a group of up to 8 members who have met regularly for some years now in

the Church Hall (upstairs, next door to St. Carannog’s Church). They undertake individual projects, depending on each

 member’s interests, and currently are working on diverse items. On occasion they meet in each other’s homes and they

share some communal activities, such as a Christmas lunch. In May the group hosted a very successful Quilting exhibition

at which a most remarkable collection of quilts was displayed. There is no formal teaching but new members are welcome;

 support and encouragement will be given. Please contact Glennis Simmons on 01239 654127.

Art Group

The Llangrannog Art Group continues to meet on Tuesday afternoons in St. Carannog’s Church Hall. The group provides

 a supportive environment for local artists, as well as the inevitable cuppa and chat. New talent is always welcome;

for further information contact in the first place Don Jones (01239 654124).

Cyd Group

The group for Welsh language speakers and learners meets in the Pentre on Wednesday evening (15th October) at 7.30 p.m. 

Welsh learners of all levels are especially welcome, to practice what they have learnt with more fluent speakers. 

  Contact Nic or Phillippa (01239 654561).

Quilting Group

A Certificate on display in St. Carannog’s celebrates the success of the Quilting Group in raising approximately £350 for the

 British Heart Foundation by the raffle of a quilt at the May Exhibition. The quilt was made in memory of a friend, with her

 quilting remnants, and was displayed in Church during the exhibition. The Quilting Group meets on alternate Mondays in

the Church Hall; please contact Glennis Simmons for details (654127).

Llangrannog Community Choir

The choir is meeting again after a summer break, in London House, Llangrannog. Anyone who wishes to join the singers

 is welcome.   Time: 7.30 p.m. on Sundays. Please walk in – if you wait for an answer to the knock you might wait a long time.

Contact John Page (01239 654627).

Beginners’ Welsh Class:

A new Welsh class for beginners starts in Pontgarreg Memorial Hall on Monday September 29th. The class is twice weekly

for three terms, on Mondays and Thursdays, at 1.15 – 3.15.   The cost is £45 (£35) per term of 40 hours. Anyone wanting

further information can contact Nic Dafis, the tutor, on 654561.

Crannog Writing Group:

The Writing Group re-convenes after a summer break on September 30th, in the Hall besides St. Carannog’s Church.  

It meets fortnightly with the aim of encouraging members to write in a variety of ways, to share work for constructive

 criticism, and to provide support to each other when undertaking different writing projects.  New members and visitors welcome.

 Contact Anne Greig 01239 654257.

  Cigarette Ends

It was, as we all know, a wet August.  But in 7 days of the month one volunteer litter picker netted nearly 800 cigarette ends,

mainly on the sea front and beach.   Cigarette ends are a particular litter nuisance since they don’t biodegrade, and children

play with them on the beach.   If it had been a warm summer the number would have been much higher. 

Any suggestions concerning how we can reduce the number to a member of the Welfare Committee please.

Local Group Activities

During the summer months there may be some alteration to group meetings in the Village. 

Please make sure you check before coming for a group.

Llangrannog Community Choir (meetings Sundays 7 p.m.) contact John Page 654627.

Bica Surf Club (first Tuesday of each month in the Beach Hut.  Pob Thomas 07950 568 538

Crannog Writing Group (various dates, Tuesday mornings.  Eileen Jones 654124.)

Quilting Group (every other Monday  Glennis Simmons 654127,)

Art Group (every Tuesday 2 p.m    Don Jones 654124.)

Cyd Group (1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 7.30 in the Pentre.  Contact Philippa or Nic 654561)

Cardi Bach Times

During the summer, the Cardi Bach bus leaves Llangrannog at 10.53 and 15.53 for New Quay, and at 12.35 and 17.35 for Cardigan.

Recycle your mobile ‘phones

No travelling involved!   Jane and Debbie in Y Caban have a re-cycling box, and the ‘phones will be taken to Ty Hafan,

the Children’s Hospice, who will receive funds for each one handed in.   Remove the SIM card first!

With thanks to Anne Greig who will send us a weekly update with local new

Click  Below to see Video in your Media Player

C:\Documents and Settings\Bryan\My Documents\My Webs\My Webs\Llangrannog2a

Short Video of the March 2008 Storm across the Sea front.

With thanks to Martin Greig who sent us this Video Clip

Click on Photographs to enlarge


With thanks to Ian Evans for sending us these Photographs


Llangrannog has no more of a litter problem than any other village which vastly multiplies in size during the holiday season.

  But we do have a beach and a village which we want to keep clean and tidy.

Members of the Boat Club clean up the beach regularly.  They do a fantastic job, but even the next day you wouldn’t think

 that they’d been at work.   The tide deposits more flotsam, picked up from other beaches, or thrown overboard from boats,

 and our beach gets its share all over again.   The bio-degradable material is unimportant, but the plastic is horrible.   If left to go

back out to sea it can end up destroying marine life anywhere from here to the South Pacific.  

In addition, numbers of individuals in Llangrannog pick up litter around the lanes, and also dog mess.   We would rather the dog

 owners cleared up their mess, but we also don’t want the visitors to have to endure it.   Then, a couple of times a year there

is a “Codi Swbriel” or “Litter Pick”, when the village turns out to do a massive tidy up.   We did one just before Easter and will do

 one later in the year.  

Each year the various litter pickers fill dozens of black sacks with rubbish.   The key to cutting this down is to ask everyone,

resident or visitor, to join the litter-pickers of Llangrannog and help keep the village clean and tidy.   So ...   

Don’t drop it, bin it!

        If you see litter, pick it up and bin it!            

                If you see someone drop litter, ask them to bin it!

                        Remind people at the point of sale to bin rubbish!



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