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Click on the Map above to see Full-Size.

Carhampton is located in Somerset, between Watchet and Minehead, one mile from Dunster. It is a small village on the busy A39. We visited Carhampton, Dunster and Minehead during November 2004 and all the photographs in this webpage were taken during our visit. The Church in Carhampton is dedicated to St John the Baptist and the one in Dunster is dedicated to St George. According to records there were two churches in Carhampton in 1180 and it is known that annual payment was made to Dunster on the feast of St Carantoc (May 16th) for the two churches in Carhampton.

"There is an interesting legend connecting St. Caranog with the famous King Arthur with whom he was contemporary. Caranog constructed a floating altar, which he launched on the waters of the Bristol Channel, vowing to preach wherever it came to land. The altar arrived at Dunster in Somerset, where many historians now believe that the real Arthur lived. At that time, he was looking for a huge serpent that was terrorising the inhabitants of Carrum (Carhampton). Caranog asked where his altar was and Arthur said that he would tell him if Caranog would slay the serpent. The Saint did so, and Arthur produced the altar, saying that he had been trying to use it as a table, but everything kept sliding off it ! In gratitude he allowed Caranog to settle in Carrum"

References to St Carannog and Carhampton can be found in "The Saints of Cornwall", Part 4, by Gilbert H Noble, published by The Holywell Press in 1965, or "Saints, Seaways and Settlements in The Celtic Lands", by E G Bowen, published by Cardiff University of Wales Press in 1969.

Clock and Belltower of Carhampton Church.

Full View

Left Side towards the Altar

Right Hand side.

Stained-Glass window

Stained-Glass window

Dunster Main Street.

Dunster Castle overlooking the Village.

Yarm Market Dunster.

Entrance to the Memorial Garden.

St George's Church Dunster from the Memorial Garden.

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