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Pigeonsford Cup

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The Pigeonsford Cup was awarded annually at the Llangrannog Show in the 1950's as a competition for Champion vegetables and was keenly contested .

Winners listed on the Pigeonsford Cup:

 D.Ll. Davies Glynafon. 1954

 H.M. Jenner Awelfor 1955

Tom Jones Nantybach 1956

H.M. Jenner Awelfor 1957

D.Ll. Davies Glynafon. 1958

D.Ll. Davies Glynafon. 1959

As the Pigeonsford Cup was won three times by D.Ll. Davies of Glynafon, he owned the cup outright and the  Cup is still owned by the Davies family.

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Llangrannog Barometer Ex- R.N.L.I No 165

This Barometer was provided by the R.N.L.I on 29th June 1911 as part of a scheme originally set up by Admiral Fitzroy to provide a form of weather forecasting to Mariners, Fishermen and Lifeboat crews.

The Barometer which is set in a mahogany glass fronted case is still situated alongside Siop Glynafon.

As these Barometers were intended to be low maintenance, no Brass engraved plates were used, instead all markings are engraved and blackened onto Porcelain plate.

These Barometers were manufactured by Negretti and Zamba and some 200 were issued for use around the coast of the UK between 1860 and 1920.

With the introduction of Radio, Weather Forecasting and Shipping Forecasts, these Barometers became surplus to requirements and No 165 was sold by the R.N.L.I to Joseph Jenkins of Glynafon Stores in September 1937, for the sum of 1. The Barometer was presented to Llangrannog Welfare Committee for safe keeping, by Marian Davies on her retirement from Glynafon Stores in the early 1970's. All the relevant documentation and original receipt of proof of ownership for the Barometer are held by Llangrannog Welfare Committee.

Glynafon Stores Carrier Bag.

The paper re-usable Carrier Bag in the picture opposite dates from the 1930's and was sold for 1d by the shop. The Shop has been a cafe, Baker's and a General Store during its existence and was opened in 1924 by Joseph and Lettitia Jenkins. Previously the building had been used as an Earthenware warehouse.

Today Glynafon Stores is known as Siop Glynafon.




We  purchased this cup in November 2003 because it is part of Llangrannog History, although at present we have no knowledge of its origin or whether anyone ever won the cup. Hopefully we can get some information on the origin and History of the Cup.

 (Thanks to Dai Thomas for informing us know that this cup was for sale on E-Bay auctions)


We have acquired another cup given by Llangrannog Merchant Owen Jones dated 1877 for the Second Best Ten Cwt of Swede. Turnips grown with Burnard Luck & Alger's Manures.

This cup was kindly given to us by the Family of Tony Greatrex from Dinas who found it amongst the family possessions.

Anglo Belgique Shipping Company Limited.

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The Anglo Belgique Shipping Company was established by Evan Owen of Llangrannog in partnership with E.L Williams of Penarth, in 1916 with their first ship 'Kyleness', which was renamed 'Cymric Prince'. E.L Williams left the company later in 1916 and Evan Owen's two sons, Alwyn and Aneurin joined the firm and an additional steamer was obtained before 1918. The depressed years of the 1920's and 30's took their toll of the company and in 1933, the Bank foreclosed and the company was wound up.

This Share Certificate No. 1992 to the value of 100 was issued on Monday 30th June 1919 and signed by the Chairman Evan Owen. (From a conversation with Beryl Jones of Angorfa, she believes that Evan Owen was in fact Capt. Evan Owen of 'Y Bwthyn' Llangrannog and the family were from 'Y Foel'). This Share Certificate was bought at Auction many years ago in Guernsey and was bought by us at E-Bay auctions in December 2003. (Thanks again to Dai Thomas for informing us that this was for sale and we purchased this certificate as it forms part of the Heritage of Llangrannog)

We have a second Anglo Belgique Share Certificate No. 137, dated Wednesday 10th March 1920, for 25 shares and this was kindly given to us by Alison West. (July 2010)

From our Research it came to light that 'Cymric Prince' was reported as sunk off Pembrokeshire on 24th February 1917. There are in fact two reports of her sinking listed in 'Wrecks off Pembrokeshire' and are follows:

'Cymric Prince Steamship, 3445 tons, 340 ft long, off North Bishop. Ran aground and sank carrying iron ore to Liverpool on February 17th 1917'.

'Cymric Prince Steamship, 3445 tons, 7 miles off Strumble Head, ran aground and sank, on route Belfast to Cardiff in ballast'.

Bont Shipping Company

David Owen (from Llangrannog, Cards. Brother of Evan Owen of the Anglo-Belgique Co.) set up the company in 1916 acquiring an ex Runciman steamship which was renamed Bontnewydd. This ship was lost to enemy action in 1917 and David Owen set up the County Shipping Co.

County Shipping Co.

David Owen (from Llangrannog, Cards.) lost his ship Bontnewydd of the Bont Shipping Co. in 1917 as a result of an enemy torpedo. In 1918 he set up the County Shipping Co. with two ships, the County of Cardigan (previously the Deddington) and the County of Carmarthen. He was supported in his venture by Sir William Seager of Cardiff. Like so many Cardiff companies the depression of the 1920's brought severe financial difficulty. The loss of  County of Carmarthen in 1922 was followed by the closure of the company in 1924.

Information on the Shipping companies above was obtained from "Short Histories of some Cardiff area Shipping Companies", compiled by Bob Sanders, more information on other companies can be found at http://www.angelfire.com/de/BobSanders/SHIPCO.html .

1948 Western Welsh Bus Timetable Llangrannog - New Quay



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